quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010




Because of wanting to break the word

I lost kicking about me in the legends patience

Of old Europe, to say that I was not born in Belém

There are no magnifying glasses as well as hammer to judge

That presumption, there are no men nor you encourage for

To testify that preaching;

There are no turtles in this machine, no there is

Serpent as in the epistle,

There is yes anxious hypocritical pântanos…e in to cough and to spit

At the same time (…) they begin where they finish and not

They say anything!!!

Of the poles to the flying escribas;

those are not carnivorous

Where one find chew the beards and they salivate the asphalt (…)

I was not born in Belém

So-little in this report,

They call me palanca (…)

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